My Mother. My Inspiration.

My Mother. My Inspiration.

Who is your mother to you?  My mother is a generous and kind soul who wants everyone in her life to be happy.  It’s her nature to worry about me and my siblings.  When I was younger, I thought that was an annoying trait only MY mother had.  I’m grown now and know that I would be absolutely NOTHING without her love.  She now has committed to taking care of her own mother (my Gramama) as she champions through this pandemic.

We are offering a new design that we hope communicates your appreciation for your mother with full Brantley Decor and Design style.  The “My Mother. My Inspiration” piece is a warm and inviting, customizable wall artwork expertly printed on canvas and wrapped on frame.

Just enter that special lady’s name in the main space and who it’s from at the bottom in the secondary space.  She and all of her guests will understand how special she is to you.  We are offering this special limited piece for 10% off leading up to Mother’s Day and will be available all year long if you feel one day for mothers is not enough.  Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

Give it a try now: